Even though my cabinets were done 8 days after expected, here are the reasons I'm giving them 4 stars: 1. Despite the problems, I really believe they bent over backwards to get my cabinets done correctly, and as timely as possible. I felt like they took care of me. I understand how frustrating it can be when your phone calls aren't being answered, but the best way to communicate, especially if you have a complaint, is via email or text. Always get everything documented. 2. The installer even came out on 2 Saturdays because he wanted to finish my cabinets. 3. The installer is fast, so definitely look over his work. A few things I caught was a very uneven board installed on top of my island (not flat enough for the granite to be installed on). One corner needed to be adjusted as it wasn't at a perfect right angle, he also didn't caulk between my cabinets and ceiling. Every one of these complaints were fixed immediately after sending an email to Izzie, the owner, who stepped in when he saw my kitchen was not completed as planned. 4. The one thing they can improve on is the communication with the painter they used. I live about 40 minutes from their office in Van Nuys. I was more than willing to bring the color samples to them. But instead they said the painter would come out, mix the paint at my house and would adjust it until I was satisfied. Well this didn't happen. In fact the painter brought me one color sample which I rejected. He took my color samples, took all my doors off and brought them to his shop to be primed. He came back in a couple days with my doors primed, a color sample that I approved and started painting the boxes at my house. This took the entire day, so he went home, painted my doors at his shop and brought them back in a couple days. 5. The number one reason I am recommending them, is that my cabinets turned out so beautiful. I can't believe I paid the same price that I would've at Home Depot, but got these gorgeous custom made cabinets. Maybe this company isn't for everyone. If you are impatient, need to have things done right the first time, and not good with emailing, maybe this company isn't for you. But if you want beautiful cabinets at a very competitive price and willing to watch over the production like a hawk, you will be very happy with your end product.
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