A New Kitchen is a New You

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We all know Houzz, right? It's the site we all go to when we are dreaming of a renovation or already planning one. It is also where many renovation companies go to get some great reports and surveys.

Did you know that most people who renovate their kitchens eat healthier?

Houzz does a yearly Kitchen Trends survey and this year's report says an astonishing 76% of survey respondents reported they make at least 5 meals a week at home post-renovation. New kitchen owners cook more at home, eat less takeout and eat more veggies and fruits.

This makes sense on so many levels! A new bright happy kitchen invites you to cook, to sit and to enjoy. We all know that eating out at a majority of restaurants is bad for us. In fact, it is usually so bad that basically anything you make at home is healthier. Also, since you are in the kitchen more, you eat fresher whole foods with more vitamins and less chemicals.

A new kitchen is the gift that keeps giving. It is a room that brings a smile to your face, increases home value and can help you eat better. Get happy, healthy and invest in your future.

Don't wait until you are going to resell or rent out your home to do big projects. Our first home had a door I wanted replaced for 8 years but I just put it off and put it off.  After all, the door wasn't broken. It worked and could wait. The last week we lived in that home we replaced it and I was so jealous I never got to experience it! Take it from me, it is painful to finally get everything perfect and then not be allowed time to enjoy it.

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