How Much Should Each Part of a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchen remodel cost got you stumped? Do you want something new in your kitchen? Of course you do (unless we were just there, lol)! But the problem is how you are going to do it. What is the first step? After checking out your savings and credit score, it is figuring out the budget structure, of course! How much should you allocate for each part of the project? Budget is always a concern. Just how much will a kitchen remodel cost? Everyone wants the best their money can buy. Here is what you should expect, in general.

Remodel Cost: Materials = 80%

Within Materials, expect the cabinets to be 30% of the overall kitchen remodel cost budget. The largest cost for a kitchen remodel is for the cabinets. This makes sense. They are the most materials you need. They make the most impact in the appearance.

The choice of appliances to use is also a great consideration. Appliances can easily be 15% of your budget. Also, the countertops will be given 10% and the flooring is 7% of the budget. The lowest expenses can be allocated in the lighting, doors and windows, plumbing fixtures, ceilings, and walls. Each will be given 5 percent.

Need to keep your kitchen remodel cost low? If your budget is your prime consideration, you have to make a wise budgeting of money. You should base it on the needed most part of your kitchen. You may also try to consider alternative options, for instance in cabinets. Instead of choosing custom wood designs, you may choose other materials. Picking mdf cabinets can help you save a lot of money. There are other materials that make beautiful, strong, lasting cabinets with many features that wood just doesn't offer! Check them out and Save Money!


Kitchen Remodel Cost: Labor = 20%

Hiring the right company is important. This 20% can easily bloat hirer if the company doesn't deliver on-time or doesn't have the experience to quote properly. Be sure to pick a company with years of experience that knows how to stay on budget and on-time - like I&E Cabinets does! We keep your kitchen remodel cost on target.

Can you skip the 20% labor cost and do it yourself? OHHHH it is tempting isn't it? Well, for a select few with time, talent, and lots of tools this is perfectly acceptable. For most the reality is a house torn apart for a year instead of for a couple of weeks. DIY is often a 'finished' job that is slightly off kilter everywhere. It means less than complete satisfaction and total enthusiasm. Actually, it can mean destroying materials that end up needing to be replaced, too. Have that happen too many times and DIY kitchen remodel cost will spiral out of control!

Remember, if you really want your kitchen to become very different than what you currently have, it will cost you more.


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