How to Find a Reliable Kitchen Contractor

I have been a kitchen designer in the Southern California, Los Angeles area for decades.  Here’s some advice I give my clients before I go to visit their homes on how to find a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor.

How to Find a Reliable Kitchen Contractor

NUMBER 1:   Talk to your neighbors, search for companies online, go to home improvement trade shows to find choices.

How to Find a Reliable Kitchen Contractor

NUMBER 2:    Once you have a list of 3 to 5 construction companies, check out the following:

NUMBER 3:   Get agreement on what you want and prepare your kitchen.

How to Prepare for Your In-Home Design Session and Free Estimate:

  • Clear any clutter.  The more the designer can see in your kitchen, the less chance for mistakes. So clear out what you can or expect possible changes in design and/or pricing once production starts.
  • Get agreement from your spouse and family before calling.  Best to make sure all homeowners have a clear idea of what is needed!  Time and money can be wasted while details are vague.
  • Everyone with a say in the decision needs to be there.  For best results, all decision makers should be present during the appointment so all questions can be answered at once.
  • Have a vision!  Have an idea what you want the end result to be.  Don’t be afraid to be specific!  Get creative!
  • Don't spend every penny.  Add 10% cushion to your kitchen just in case.  Your designer should be able to help you design within your stated budget.

NUMBER 4:   Call and set up your appointment for a free design estimate.

Once you have researched your contractor choices and prepared for your design session, get a free in-home estimate.  Your designer should have samples and catalogs.  If they don't send them away!

Avoid a world of headaches later!  Protect yourself against shady contractors with questionable business practices. Follow my simple advice on how to find a reliable kitchen contractor.