a full kitchen remodel project is complete

A full kitchen remodel is one of the easiest ways to increase your home’s value. While many homeowners view a kitchen remodel project as beneficial, kitchen remodels can be overwhelming, depending on the size.

Since knowing what the project will take beforehand can streamline the process and help you save money, this post will go through the standard steps involved in a full kitchen remodel.

Steps Involved in a Complete Kitchen Remodel

Determine Needs and Wishes

The first step involves assessing your needs and wishes, determining what you want and can afford. Begin by asking yourself what problems you currently experience with your kitchen. Do you have a small kitchen that offers little space, or do the cabinets and countertops look worn and outdated?

Create a prioritized list of what you would like in the new kitchen, ranking them based on their importance.

Designing and Planning

With a more defined idea of what your new kitchen will have, the next step of the complete remodel project is to create a workable design for your new kitchen.

Demolish the Kitchen

Once you have the design and plans in place and all preparation is out the way, the full kitchen remodel can begin. Kitchen demolitions involve tearing out everything you do not plan to keep, such as fixtures, walls, cabinetry, and flooring.

Wiring, Plumbing, and HVAC Rough-In

The next step involves running new or rerouted wiring, plumbing pipes, and HVAC ductwork. Even if your kitchen fixtures will stay in the same place and won’t need you to reroute the water supply, you could use this opportunity to replace old plumbing.

Finish the Walls and Ceilings

This step involves hanging, taping, and finishing drywall according to the project plan. Many also choose to add primer even though they won’t add paint for a while. The primer helps seal the facing paper, protecting it against scrapes and scuffs.

Install Flooring

Flooring installation comes next, with the process and costs varying depending on the type of flooring you choose to install in your new kitchen. On a national average, sheet vinyl makes the least costly option. Tile will be more expensive due to the extensive labor.

Install Cabinets and Countertops

Installing cabinets and countertops often signifies the closing of your full kitchen remodel project. At this point, you will start seeing the finished project begin to take shape. The step also involves installing the faucet, garbage disposal, and sink.

Install New Appliances

Next, make the final plumbing and lighting fixtures connections and add your new appliances, such as your stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Once all the devices are in place, you can add final touches, like adding subway tile, before finalizing the project with a walk-through inspection.

Hiring a Kitchen Remodeler

Due to the expertise most of these steps involve, hiring a kitchen remodeler for your full kitchen remodel project always works best.

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