Design-Build is a method where the design of the home or commercial construction project or renovation and the build of it are through a single entity.

Why get it all through one company?

Don't want the project to drag on and on? Then Design-Build is for you. Want to be assured of beauty and function, quality materials, craftsmanship and professional installation from the start of your project to the end? You want Design-Build from I&E Cabinets.

Los Angeles Kitchen remodel


It isn't the only choice, of course. The old way of doing things was design-bid-build. You search for a designer, talk to many, look at portfolios and finally hire one. Love their vision and love the design. Then you search for construction companies. They all bid on the project, you pick the winner and hope they understand the designer's vision to its fullest potential. The design-bid-build scenario takes a substantially longer period of time to carry out and has many more points along the route for things to hit bumps.


traditional white cabinets in modern kitchen


I&E Cabinets does both Design-Build and all other available methods of cabinet renovation and new construction projects. When you do go with our design-build you will find our interior designers to be full of ideas that match your style, your home, and your vision. We make our cabinets. We choose only the best materials. Our craftsman are on-site to build the exact cabinets designed for you and our installers are experienced professionals. Our team, from start to finish, has worked together from project to project. Being in the same company and under the same roof means that communication is easy.

I&E builds custom cabinets on-site. We have a full facilities with real craftsmen. These professionals are artists using only top materials. Make sure your project does not use mass produced heartless low quality cabinets. You will know the difference. You will see it for years, and years, and years. So will everyone!

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