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Thinking about a Garage Remodel?

If you haven't considered a garage remodel, you should. A well done garage will prevent you from needing to buy a small shed, besides making the garage an enjoyable room to be in. The right materials prevent stains on the floor, the right lights make projects easier. Honestly though, a good garage remodel is so much more than a well lit, shiny floored room with cabinets.

At the end of remodeling your garage, you have a right to expect that every foot has been well thought over and planned for. Nothing should be awkward and everything should have a natural place to be. When the right company does the work, everything currently in your garage and all the things you've shared with the interior designer that you want to be in your garage will fit - perfectly.



Man Cave? That is so last decade. Think man throne room. No dark, steel accented room with posters on the wall will do. What does make it a throne room? You've reached the peak of garage remodeling design when tools, car, functionality and lounge area meet cutting edge materials and high-class comforts. Ever thought about a hidden bar folding out from a nice bright red tool chest, complete with a fridge and microwave? The ultimate poker table that doesn't get in the way, yet doesn't displace other required work stations, can be planned right in, too. Automatic everything is possible, from lighting to floors that heat when the room temperature drops to a certain level. A peg board? Dream bigger. Peg Boards, one behind the other, rotating to bring the hidden ones forward is possible. This is especially perfect when wanting a peg board between cabinets, but not a work table beneath it.

Don't have a place for a home gym? Carving out a space in the garage is the most perfect place, since a punching bag can be hung easily without needing to tear out the ceiling and reinforce it.

The best advice you can get is to dream. Visit Pinterest for out of this world ideas and then allow your Garage Remodel Designer.

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