Remodeling a closet just isn't as sexy as remodeling a room that we get to show off to everyone. But I'd like to take a moment to show you exactly what life changing closet design is. It is about how a serious investment in a room no one sees can change your outlook on your day from the moment you open your eyes.

It is easy to dismiss the closets in our bedrooms. They are tucked away in places where our guests will not see them. They have doors that we easily shut, after we've chucked something in them which we do not want to see at the moment. We think we're stuck with whatever size they are and we can't get more out of them.

Life Changing Closet Design is Personal, Intimate & Sexy; unlike Public rooms shared by everyone.

First, let me say that closets can obviously be sexy. You did look at those pictures of previous I&E closet designs, right? For a moment imagine waking up to a closet like the ones pictured here, maybe not as big, but just as well organized. Everything has a perfect place. In your room, you roll out of bed ... instead of wondering what it is that you're going to wear, instead of wondering what is in your closet, instead of wondering if it is wrinkled from being shoved to tightly in with other garments, ... instead of these kinds of thoughts... You wake up knowing exactly what is awaiting you inside of a closet that you can't wait to open. A closet that makes you feel like royalty makes you feel better about yourself. This is what I mean by life changing closet design.

"Life Changing" means that something very fundamental in your everyday existence has been altered in such a way that it affects you deeply and permanently. Our closet designs are just that.

Life changing closet design is not a hack. The perfect closet is a room engineered to your home's parameters and to your life personally by a designer that spends time with you. No home is too small. It comes down to ingenuity and using what you have with the utmost efficiency without losing graceful lines and overall aesthetics.

Life Changing Closet Design

When your closet changes from being a chaotic mess that starts your day with a negative groan into a very beautiful well organized space or room that greets your mind with a calm smile, it completely changes how your day begins. It changes how You begin from that very first moment you open your eyes and contemplate your day. Let's say it simply: it means it changes how you feel when you wake up in the morning. How much would you pay for that? How hard do companies work to bottle that! Not only your mood changes, but you actually gain TIME. Real, measurable time... unless you find yourself just hanging out in there and then, well, that isn't our fault. We are sure you can get dressed faster than ever and be ready to begin your day in record time. (This also means you get to sleep later!) Seriously, life changing closet design is a real thing and you need it.

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