What is Solid Surface Countertops?

It's the CLEAN counter-top!

Solid Surface Countertops are non porous. It has National Sanitation Foundation (NSF/ANSI Standard 51) approval and is made with FDA approved materials. Solid Surface is the most sanitary of all counter-top materials, and will withstand disinfection solutions with zero damage to the material. Solid surface can be installed with no visible seams, the only material capable of this, regardless of the size of the countertop. No visible seams is more sanitary and more beautiful.

Solid Surface Countertops are customizable.

Solid Surface affordable at any shape and size. Customize without breaking the bank.

Sinks are fused seamlessly into the counter-top leaving no caulk to maintain, no crevices for bacteria to breed, and no chance for the sink to sag over time. The adhesive used is a two part polymer, the same as the top itself, so it is like welding the sink into place. Sinks can be replaced if needed.

Solid surface countertops are renewable and repairable. Almost any damage can be fixed easily to like new condition, entire sections can be cut out and replaced seamlessly if needed. If it is time to sell the home, the top can be re polished back to new condition if needed. Only Solid Surface is capable of this renewal.

Clean it with just about anything. No special cleaners are needed, soap and water, 409, Windex, whatever is at hand.

Solid Surface is easily worked and shaped into almost any imaginable shape is affordable. This makes special edges economical since it is worked with common woodworking router bits. Sink cutouts are usually included in the price of the top, unlike other materials where it costs hundreds of dollars to cut and polish a sink or cook-top.  Lamination is done easily.

Solid Surface is more economical than granite or quartz after the edge profile and cutouts are figured in. On granite and quartz tops, edge profile charges can cost over a thousand dollars for an average kitchen, plus sink cutouts at $250 or more, adding as much as $15.00 per square foot to the cost of the countertop for a simple bullnose edge.

What is solid surface countertop?  Well, it is NOT radioactive like other materials, nor does it contain asbestos like some natural stone products. The NSF rating means continuous inspection of materials for quality. And it needs to be pointed out, that people who choose Solid Surface are known to be generally more intelligent and better looking as well!

What is solid surface countertop

We make solid surface countertops on site.

Fabrication & Installation

At I&E Solid Surfaces we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the type of service they dream of having. To us, that means taking the extra steps that set us apart from the crowd. Insightful planning and execution with attention to detail are part of the formula for success. Having a professional staff that initiate follow through, from concept to completion are also key to providing the best service. That's why I&E has a staff who have a breadth of industry experience which you can rely upon.

What are solid surface countertops

Solid Surface Countertops are custom made and installed with no seams.


Enjoy premium service for your next home remodeling or
commercial building project with I&E Solid Surface!I&E Solid Surface employs a team of professionals who are specialized in Solid Surface fabrication. Having the right tools to perform certain tasks or jobs is just the tip of the iceberg. Not only do we make sure we have the best tools for our trade, but we also employ the most skilled and trusted craftsman in the industry. We do this in order to help foster a long-lasting professional relationship as well as the best performance from the quality products we offer.

When it comes to renewable Solid Surface products we are Tops in the business. So, give us a call today and find out why our customer service is unparalleled.Our installation team has decades of experience in the counter-top, cabinetry, and remodeling industries. This offers us the ability to provide you a level of customer service that few companies can match. Solid Surface products installed by I&E have a fit, finish, and gave a look that is distinctive in nature. The details are where the competitors come up short and get left in the collective dust.

What is solid surface countertop?  It's what your kitchen remodel needs to make it affordable, sanitary, and beauty.