The Receptionist Desk is the First Thing your Clients See when they step into your Business!

Receptionist desk at Hilton by I&E Cabinets

Receptionist desk at Hilton by I&E Cabinets

A good receptionist desk is more then a piece of furniture. It is a first point of person to person in face contact. A well organized receptionist desk makes the front office run smoother. It shows!

How would you feel to come into a business as a customer and the receptionist desk is dirty, old, and a mess of papers and clutter? Do you stay? Do you come back? NO!

There are many options but by far, if you have the resources custom receptionist desks are the way to go.

Every business has a different need for the receptionists but here are some universal things to consider:

  • What is your brand and how do you want your receptionist desk to reflect it?
    • Materials – be creative but remember practical is often better for smaller businesses then sacrificing function to make a bold statement.
    • Color – do not go with a fad or fashion. Go with what works to reflect your brand.
    • Lighting – make sure the receptionists can see their work but the space isn’t stark and oppressive. A warm touch with a lamp, or canned lights instead of fluorescent tubes is much more inviting.
  • How much space do you have, allowing for easy wheel chair accommodation?
  • Will the receptionists be allowed to sit at any time for any tasks?
  • Do you plan to eventually have more receptionists stationed there?
  • Is the computer screen positioned so that the receptionist will immediately see someone coming in the door?
  • Is the computer screen out of the way when greeting someone?
  • Is there a designated area for keyboard, mouse, and telephone – with planning for wires?
  • And probably the most important thing: ASK YOUR RECEPTIONIST! Go look at the receptionist desk and catalog the tasks expected. Make sure spaces are created for making those tasks easy, orderly, and out of immediate view.
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