How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost in Los Angeles? 

How much does it cost to renovate kitchen

Do you feel like giving your home a rejuvenated look and feel? Whether you’re trying to boost your property value or make your indoor spaces more comfortable and engaging, remodeling is an excellent choice.

Don’t have the budget for a whole-home remodel? No problem! Remodeling a home room-by-room provides budget flexibility, increased customization options, and reasonable pacing to suit your schedule.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, I&E Cabinets can help. We provide Los Angeles kitchen remodeling services, including custom cabinet installation, cabinet refacing, countertop installation, and more.

In this blog, we talk about what you can expect when considering kitchen remodeling costs in Los Angeles. To learn more about who we are and what we do, keep browsing our website or reach out to us by phone today.

Kitchen Renovation vs. Kitchen Remodeling: What’s the Difference

Maybe people use the terms “renovation” and “remodel” interchangeably. However, these terms actually refer to two different processes. Knowing which one you truly want can help you save time when choosing contractors.

Renovations focus on restoring a space. Rather than changing floor plans, drastically reshaping a room, or adding additions, renovations aim to make a space look updated or new. Renovation companies provide services like carpet or flooring replacement, repainting, appliance updates, etc. Renovations may cost less than remodeling but have limited potential and scope.

In contrast, remodeling seeks to noticeably transform your indoor spaces. Remodeling contractors add or remove dividing walls, install kitchen islands, repaint, install new flooring—they genuinely do it all! Remodeling companies work with your budget and schedule to make the process more affordable and manageable.

I&E Cabinets goes beyond professionally designed and installed cabinets. We provide comprehensive home remodeling services, including kitchens, bathrooms, and more. If you’re ready to remodel and have concerns about kitchen remodeling costs in Los Angeles, keep reading.

Factors that Impact Kitchen Remodel Costs in Los Angeles

If you’re wondering about kitchen remodeling costs in Los Angeles, the short answer is that prices vary. Several factors impact the overall cost of any kitchen remodeling project.

Square Footage

A square foot is a square-shaped section of flat space that measures one foot on each side. The square footage of your kitchen refers to the overall size of your kitchen’s flat space.

The higher the square footage, the more your remodel will cost.

Desired Floor Plan

If you plan on making drastic changes to your floor plan, such as removing one or more walls, installing an island, etc., then prepare to pay big. The scope of your remodeling plans can increase your bill.

Kitchen Design Style

Finally, some design styles may cost more. If you want a luxurious marble look in your kitchen, ensure it’s in your price range.

Work with an Expert Cabinet Builder for Your Kitchen Remodel Needs

If you’re ready to build a perfect kitchen in your home, you deserve the best. Working with I&E Cabinets gives you access to custom cabinets, product recommendations, design input, and more.

If you have questions about the kitchen cabinets or kitchen remodeling costs in Los Angeles, call I&E Cabinets at 888-487-1539.

How to Choose a Kitchen Contractor in Los Angeles?

Finding a professional kitchen contractor is a challenging task in a city as large as Los Angeles. A complete kitchen remodel increases your home’s value and lets you create your dream kitchen. When planning your kitchen project, it’s essential to identify the right kitchen contractor who understands your vision and can help bring it to life.

Determine the scope of your kitchen project to establish a budget. This can be something as small as replacing kitchen cabinets to complete kitchen remodels that redefine the kitchen layout and seamlessly blend your aesthetic with functionality and design. Follow these steps below to find a trusted kitchen contractor to partner with for your kitchen project.

Work with a Contractor who Specializes in Complete Kitchen Remodels

When shopping around for a kitchen remodeler, find a contractor who specializes in kitchens as they are familiar with the numerous mechanical systems, including plumbing, gas, electric, and more.

General contractors may claim to be skilled in kitchen remodels, but a dedicated kitchen contractor can also help navigate local permits and regulations with ease. Collaborating with a dedicated kitchen contractor who understands your vision is the key to a successful renovation project.

2. Obtain Estimates for Fixed and Variable Costs

When you get your first estimate, discuss the costs and develop a plan for handling variable expenses. These can include:

  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Appliances

As these costs fluctuate, your contractor may charge change fees, and you should seek transparency upfront about what to expect if these arise. Cabinets often represent the highest cost, followed by appliances and countertops.

3. Discuss Your Goals and Ask for Before and After Pictures of Past Projects

If you want a sleek minimalist aesthetic but the contractor you’re speaking to specializes in traditional kitchens, you may want to explore another option that’s suited to your style.

Experienced kitchen contractors should be able to provide a portfolio of past projects to demonstrate how they can transform your kitchen.

4. Check Reviews and Ask for Referrals

Reading reviews online and asking for referrals is one of the best ways to find a reputable Los Angeles kitchen remodeler. There are many contractors in Los Angeles, and collaborating with a contractor you trust is essential for a successful kitchen remodel.

Reviews help illustrate their dedication and also demonstrate integrity, transparency, and professionalism.

5. Determine the Scope of Your Project

Some projects are a simple refresh, while others may require a complete renovation. Determine the scope of your project and work with a kitchen contractor prepared to take on your project. This will help avoid costly delays or downtime should they accept projects that require prolonged timelines and extensive coordination and planning.

6. Work with a Trusted Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeler

I&E Cabinets has been providing commercial and residential cabinetry and kitchen remodeling services to Los Angeles for more than 40 years.

Call (888) 487-1539 to schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation and start planning the kitchen of your dreams. Our dedicated team will help you explore options tailored to any budget.