Why Should You Choose I&E Cabinets To Remodel Your Kitchen?

Whether you have purchased a fixer-upper or have been waiting a lifetime to remodel the kitchen, you have an exciting adventure filled with creative possibilities ahead of you.

A kitchen remodel is a major investment that offers greater flow and function to your household and significant resale value

If you are looking for kitchen remodeling services in the Los Angeles area, look no further. I&E Cabinets has been creating custom cabinetry for homeowners and businesses for over 40 years.

Begin your research with our kitchen remodel guide for advice on planning your new kitchen, and learn why I&E Cabinets is a great choice.

Plan Your Kitchen Remodel Layout

For most of us, the kitchen tends to be the most active area of our home. So it is practical that any kitchen remodel advice begins with looking at the layout of the kitchen.

Step back and take a good look at your kitchen. Are there areas that are difficult to open cabinet doors? Do you need more storage space?

If you have spent some years in your home, you probably already have an idea of how well it functions and what could be improved. Don’t let the idea of relocating appliances to different areas intimidate you when envisioning a better flow for the kitchen.

Start your kitchen remodel by writing concerns about function down in a file that you will continue to add to during the design phase.

Measure, Measure, and Measure Again

When looking for kitchen remodel tips, the most important step to research is correct measuring.

You will need to measure the perimeter of the existing kitchen and add for any area you may wish to expand the kitchen size. You will also need to research standard sizes for various types of cabinets, appliances, and countertops. If you opt for custom cabinetry, sizes can be created based on your specifications.

Once you measure, then measure again. You will also want to use a level to measure if your walls are straight. Record these measurements in the file you have started for your kitchen remodel. 

It cannot be stressed enough how important accurate measuring is to the final remodel. Take advantage of free design consultation from experienced professionals that will come to your home and provide this service.

Interview a Professional

Unless you are an experienced contractor, it’s recommended that you hire a professional cabinet maker and installer.

You always have the option of choosing cabinets from a home improvement store and attempting to install them yourself. Keep in mind that remodels in older homes may require advanced carpentry skills. You may need to accommodate walls that are out of plumb or design different cabinet sizes to fit the existing structure.

So, what should you ask a professional about to determine if they are the right fit for your kitchen remodel?

Experience and Training

If you are looking to hire a professional for your kitchen remodel, it is because you want an expert that can assist you in the design phase and provide correct installation. 

Ask for information about specialized training. A qualified professional will be able to provide credentials from reputable agencies.

In addition to certifications, time in the business is important. A company that has been around for many years is doing something right. 

An experienced cabinet maker and installer will have encountered multiple projects in which they have had to troubleshoot and create custom cabinetry for a successful remodel.


Many businesses have websites that offer reviews from past customers. Take advantage of this convenience and read testimonials.

You may find that a previous customer has had success with a project very similar to yours. This will give you further information to begin a conversation with your professional about your own design ideas.

Ask for documentation or do an Internet search for the company’s current Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.


When you schedule a consultation, you should expect your cabinet professional to offer brochures for finishes of cabinetry, countertops, and flooring.

Also, ask about sample photos of previous remodels and the benefits of the materials used for refacing cabinets.

Understandably, the cost of various finishes may be at the top of your list of questions. Yet, ask about the durability of the material choices. You may be surprised at advancements in technology that have created affordable options that will last.


A reputable cabinet maker and installer will offer a warranty on materials and their work. Ask about the lifetime of any warranties and about how warranty work is handled if a problem arises.


A kitchen remodel can be an expensive investment. It is a major convenience and saving opportunity to find a company that manufactures, installs, and finances custom cabinetry.

Ask about in-house financing and the interest rate. Are there any special promotions that are currently being offered? 

Find Your Perfect Style

This is where the fun begins! A good rule to follow when planning a kitchen remodel is to consider how long you plan to keep your remodel.

If you plan to sell later, keep in mind that style trends come and go. However, if this is your forever home, let the creativity flow.

Check out our kitchen visualizer and try out different colors and patterns for cabinets, backsplash, counters, and floors. 

Trusted Kitchen Remodelers Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

At I&E Cabinets, we know how important your kitchen remodel is for your own enjoyment and resale value. We’ve been meeting and exceeding the requirements of satisfied customers for over 40 years.

Visit our website and schedule a free design consultation today. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Live In Los Angeles? … Learn About The Importance Of Kitchen Remodeling

If you're living in Los Angeles, California then you're either star-struck or stylish. You've got access to Hollywood, Disneyland, and Santa Monica. What more could you need?

Well, if you want your home to be as chic as your lifestyle, then it's time to start thinking about remodeling. And the best place to start? It's time to talk about kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles!

Your kitchen is the most important room in your home. Read on to learn why you should consider a kitchen remodel and how you can start creating your dream LA home.

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.

Why You Should Prioritize a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the central area of your home. It's most important because it's where you start your day with coffee and end it with a glass of wine.

If you have a family, it's where you feed your kids and hear about their day. It's where you cook with your partner and host parties for your friends.

Where do you bake Christmas cookies? Thanksgiving pies? Simply put, the kitchen is where you spend the most time in your home.

If you're taking on the large task of remodeling your entire home, the kitchen is a good place to start. It's where you'll find your aesthetic, as it's the one room where nearly every guest you have over will see. The kitchen will set the tone for the rest of your remodeling.

Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles

There are many benefits to embarking upon an LA kitchen remodel. Each benefit allows you to live a more versatile and fruitful lifestyle.

Updated contemporary kitchen room interior with white counters and dark wood cabinets fitted with luxury stainless steel appliances.

Add Space to Your Kitchen

When you have a spacious kitchen, there's more room to breathe. This might mean that you have a new kitchen island where you spread all of your things out while working from home. Or, perhaps it means you can finally bake that three-layer cake you've been salivating over in your sleep.

Adding space is subjective depending on your kitchen remodeling aesthetic. Improving the layout to fit your needs will make sure that you enjoy the time spent in the kitchen.

Functionality Is Key

Adapting the layout of your kitchen means nothing if it isn't functional. But, that doesn't mean it can't be fashionable, too. The idea is that LA kitchen remodeling turns houses into homes.

Because the kitchen is a homemaking area, a remodel will help with functionality so that cooking is easier. Whether you're making mac and cheese for the kids or a grand steak dinner, a functional layout will lend a helping hand.

Efficient Storage

This goes hand-in-hand with giving yourself more space. Efficient storage is a huge benefit to remodeling your kitchen, especially in LA.

Even smaller places tend to be more expensive in LA. Remodeling to give yourself more kitchen storage opens up space in other parts of your home as well.

Plus, it allows the design elements of your kitchen to shine when your counters aren't cluttered with groceries and electronics.

LA Style

In LA, remodeling your kitchen is a great way to make a statement. It gives you a chance to be creative with your home.

Los Angeles is known for being eclectic and exciting. The style of your kitchen should reflect this energy mixed with your own personal style. It's beneficial to remodel your kitchen so that you can personalize your home.

Increase Value

Remodeling your kitchen will help you add value to your home. This means that if you eventually sell your home, you'll get to sell it for more money than you initially paid for it.

This is a big deal in LA because the housing market tends to be competitive and expensive. Raising the value of your current home will allow you to spend more money on your next one.

Safety First

A newer kitchen means a safer kitchen. This has to do with more efficient layouts and up-to-date technology. Fewer accidents tend to happen in the kitchen (house fires, injuries, etc.) when it has newer appliances.

Energy Efficient

Newer appliances are also more energy-efficient. This is important in California. It helps the earth and your wallet in the long run.

Having an energy-efficient kitchen is beneficial because it leads to a more sustainable lifestyle. When you choose new appliances you're probably choosing recycled materials.

Areas to Focus On

Now you know all the benefits of remodeling your LA kitchen. Let's move into which areas of your kitchen to focus on during this process. Renovating can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to me if you know where to start.

Fresh Paint

There's nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint. Deciding whether or not you'll be repainting is a great first step. It will then help you determine the color of your new cabinets and countertops.

Also, it's a great way to either make a statement or keep things neutral so that you can add splashes of color in other places.


Kitchens are a great place to add a tile backsplash during renovations. You can get colorful here, or keep it sleek and modern depending on your vision.

Adding a backsplash is the easiest way to ensure that your kitchen looks fresh. It's best to pick a backsplash with paint and cabinet colors in mind. This will make for a cohesive finish.


Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is very important. Having proper cabinets in your renovated kitchen will help you reap several of the benefits mentioned earlier: more space, functionality, storage, value, and safety.

They are arguably the part of your kitchen renovation that you should dedicate the most time to.


One of the best parts about a kitchen renovation is the opportunity to choose stylish, durable countertops. Once you've got a color scheme and an overall vision, it's often the case that your countertop style will fall into place.

Kitchen Islands

Not everyone wants a kitchen island, but they can be a great addition to your renovated kitchen if you have space. They can also be good to have in a smaller apartment if you don't have room for a dining room table.

Kitchen islands can offer more storage in your kitchen if you add cabinets to them. Or, with stools, they can function as another place to sit, eat, and work.

Choose I&E Cabinets to Make All Your Remodeling Dreams Come True

If this article has convinced you that kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles is for you, then congrats! You're ready to get this show on the road. Who should you turn to for help with this exciting endeavor?

I&E Cabinets is at your service. We're the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. We specialize in cabinets, which means your kitchen will have state-of-the-art cabinetry.

But, we can also contract the remodel of your entire kitchen as well. It's the best of both worlds. We know all the best kitchen remodeling tips and will help you get the job done right.

There's no need to Google "kitchen remodelers near meif you live in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us today for a free in-home or virtual consultation!

A New Kitchen is a New You

Did you know that most people who renovate their kitchens eat healthier?


If you love your Kitchen You'll Make More Meals at Home!

Houzz does a yearly Kitchen Trends survey and this year's report says an astonishing 76% of survey respondents reported they make at least 5 meals a week at home post-renovation. New kitchen owners cook more at home, eat less takeout and eat more veggies and fruits.

This makes sense on so many levels! A new bright happy kitchen invites you to cook, to sit and to enjoy. We all know that eating out at a majority of restaurants is bad for us. In fact, it is usually so bad that basically anything you make at home is healthier. Also, since you are in the kitchen more, you eat fresher whole foods with more vitamins and less chemicals.

A new kitchen is the gift that keeps giving. It is a room that brings a smile to your face, increases home value and can help you eat better. Get happy, healthy and invest in your future.

Don't wait until you are going to resell or rent out your home to do big projects. Our first home had a door I wanted replaced for 8 years but I just put it off and put it off.  After all, the door wasn't broken. It worked and could wait. The last week we lived in that home we replaced it and I was so jealous I never got to experience it! Take it from me, it is painful to finally get everything perfect and then not be allowed time to enjoy it.

Get No Hassle Help on Your Remodeling Project

Next Year’s Top Kitchen Design Trends

What will Next Year’s Top Kitchen Design Trends Be?!

Courtesy of the Gordon House

Bottom Line: Who cares? See that orange formica countered kitchen over there? It was designed in 1964 by one of this nation’s top designers, Frank Lloyd Wright. At the time it was the Height of Fashion. Anyone who bought orange countertops because everyone else did / because a top architect used it and not because they loved it soon came to hate their kitchen.

Bloggers are usually SEO traffic drivers, marketers and sometimes craftsmen that have found time to write. Even the best ones can only look at what people bought this year and at next year’s catalogs. Even if you could know for sure what the fad will be, why buy what other people are tending to buy more of? Here at I&E we see a lot of sleek contemporary kitchens getting more and more popular each year. I myself love them simply because I’m getting older and they are SO easy to clean! All those straight no dust and grease catching surfaces, YES! I ooo and aww when I see a really well done one. But…. do you like contemporary kitchens? Do you love them?

Get what YOU like. You need a look you will love for decades. That is going to be worth the money you invest into it. ‘Cause let’s face it, we all know that a total remodel into your dream kitchen isn’t going to a super cheap and quick enterprise you will repeat every year.

Be brave, be bold, be You. Next year’s top kitchen design trends will be outdated in 5 years but your taste will still be in style with you. Even if the design isn’t outdated, do you really want to be stuck with a spanish tiled backsplash just because it is “in” right now if you don’t like bright spanish tiles?

Let’s put it like this: you remember all those avocado green appliances or the dirt brown ones from the 70s? Well, if you are old enough you do and if not, then… back some time ago, long, long ago they were in style. And then they were not but some people were stuck with them, along with orange formica countertops and houses full of shag carpet. One friend of mine (bless their heart) even had glitter mixed into their ceiling popcorn. The 60’s and 70’s were so much fun! For everybody that really liked those choices things were peachy, but for everyone following a fad (or wanting to sell the house after the 80’s), it was not happy times.

Maybe you think Stainless Steel Appliances are IN but you don’t actually Really adore them. Why spend extra on stainless steel if you don’t get extra enjoyment out of it?

Next year’s top kitchen design trends don’t mean anything. Neither do the year after the next year’s top kitchen design trends. What matters is your long term happiness in the investment you make.

Call I&E for remodeling in Southern Cali. Or contact us so we can help you design the kitchen you love, we will custom make and ship to you the cabinets you want. All you’ll need to do is find an installer!

Kitchen Remodel Cost – A Clear Budget Breakdown

How Much Should Each Part of a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchen remodel cost got you stumped? Do you want something new in your kitchen? Of course you do (unless we were just there, lol)! But the problem is how you are going to do it. What is the first step? After checking out your savings and credit score, it is figuring out the budget structure, of course! How much should you allocate for each part of the project? Budget is always a concern. Just how much will a kitchen remodel cost? Everyone wants the best their money can buy. Here is what you should expect, in general.

Remodel Cost: Materials = 80%

Within Materials, expect the cabinets to be 30% of the overall kitchen remodel cost budget. The largest cost for a kitchen remodel is for the cabinets. This makes sense. They are the most materials you need. They make the most impact in the appearance.

The choice of appliances to use is also a great consideration. Appliances can easily be 15% of your budget. Also, the countertops will be given 10% and the flooring is 7% of the budget. The lowest expenses can be allocated in the lighting, doors and windows, plumbing fixtures, ceilings, and walls. Each will be given 5 percent.

Need to keep your kitchen remodel cost low? If your budget is your prime consideration, you have to make a wise budgeting of money. You should base it on the needed most part of your kitchen. You may also try to consider alternative options, for instance in cabinets. Instead of choosing custom wood designs, you may choose other materials. Picking mdf cabinets can help you save a lot of money. There are other materials that make beautiful, strong, lasting cabinets with many features that wood just doesn't offer! Check them out and Save Money!


Kitchen Remodel Cost: Labor = 20%

Hiring the right company is important. This 20% can easily bloat hirer if the company doesn't deliver on-time or doesn't have the experience to quote properly. Be sure to pick a company with years of experience that knows how to stay on budget and on-time - like I&E Cabinets does! We keep your kitchen remodel cost on target.

Can you skip the 20% labor cost and do it yourself? OHHHH it is tempting isn't it? Well, for a select few with time, talent, and lots of tools this is perfectly acceptable. For most the reality is a house torn apart for a year instead of for a couple of weeks. DIY is often a 'finished' job that is slightly off kilter everywhere. It means less than complete satisfaction and total enthusiasm. Actually, it can mean destroying materials that end up needing to be replaced, too. Have that happen too many times and DIY kitchen remodel cost will spiral out of control!

Remember, if you really want your kitchen to become very different than what you currently have, it will cost you more.


Lessons Learned from Holiday and Spring Cleaning

Holiday and Spring Cleaning Decided my Next Kitchen Design

I am obsessive about spring cleaning and for the holidays. I have an entire house full of people coming from all over every year. They drive for hours to get here. We cook for days in preparation. The spring or holiday cleaning? It starts weeks before. This is including the fact that I hire a team of 2 house cleaners to come in for a day. My house isn't huge. It is a normal house. I'm just super obsessive twice a year during spring cleaning and holiday cleaning time. Everything has to be perfect. Baseboards, ceiling fans, walls, and behind the fridge is just the start. Everything is scrubbed, dusted and shiny.

Before becoming "I&E Staff Support" for this website I was just like everyone. I didn't know anything about cabinets. Traditional looks so good, and we just had to have real wood. The term "traditional" means those classy insets in the doors, those indentations. I didn't know that before. I also had no idea that real wood in the cabinet industry didn't actually mean Real Wood. It meant a veneer of a certain thickness on the cabinet door.

For spring cleaning or holiday cleaning? That panel that is recessed for 'traditional cabinets'? *Sigh* They are a pain to clean. Over the years it just gets harder. My spring and holiday cleaning comes to a snail's crawl when I hit this task. The veneer means you have to be careful not to really, really put the elbow grease on. The stain and finish means you can't use amazing cleaners - they will pull off the top coat or make it cloudy. Give it around 7 years and you'll be painting those expensive 'real wood' cabinets. ... That works for a while until the paint starts to peel.



Contemporary All the Way

Next time I'm going to go Contemporary - No grooves or recesses for me! I will also skip the 'real wood' veneer. Mylar is worth checking out. No paint to peel, no finish for most cleaners to hurt or cloud. Easy spring cleaning and holiday cleaning!

The idea that contemporary is sterile or boring is just not true. It can be, for sure - if you let it but so can any kitchen! The ideas are out there. Really, what is shocking is the idea that we need a few indentations in each door to add ALL the character to our kitchen!! Lots of great ideas for contemporary kitchen cabinets with vibrant color or with neutral colors that bring character, depth and life into the home are on the internet.

Pick out the colors you are sure to love for many years and pair it with the right tile and kitchen design. You will find that flat kitchen doors are very pleasing to the eye, will last a very long time....and very easy to clean!

Small Kitchen Design – 2 Goals

Professional Small Kitchen Design Creates Possibilities Never Imagined

I & E Cabinets and Deborah Leon, a superb designer, worked hand in hand to bring old world Spanish charm using dark cabinets to a kitchen with limited space. The results are beautiful and airy. Each of these pictures depicts our actual work.

The options for small kitchen designs will surprise you when a professional designer works directly with a professional renovator. This is exactly what I&E does expertly.

If you are a long time subscriber to this blog you know “don’t settle” is repeated quite frequently. We mean it.


Small Kitchen Design Idea Review

Just because the space you have is limited does not mean you must use all light colors. Nor does it mean you must fill every cranny with a cabinet to store away your food, dishes, and other necessary items.

Wall to wall cabinets make a small space claustrophobic for many people. All white and light cream colors can stifle choices and not blend in with the personality and true desires of every household.

Creating the Feeling of Openness

In order to make a small kitchen design work to create a feeling of openness while using dark woods a walk in pantry was built into one corner. Everything that normally would fill cabinets on the walls still has storage, plus some! This freed up the walls to be gleaming clean white and host three windows. The little extra window with a dark wood accented sill and exterior iron filigree elevates the feel of openness beyond what could be accomplished in any other way.

Not having traditional cabinets hanging on the walls above the counter also allows special accent lighting that further makes the space feel larger. The eye is drawn to the decorative tiles and built in cutting board. This small kitchen design is held together by the consistent feel, unbroken by using a stove range with built in oven.

Details abound in this lovely kitchen. Cabinets that do not go all the way to the ground stand on beautiful little carved legs, an archway alcove above the restaurant class wall mounted stove and microwave, canned lighting, hanging glass lamps, carved elements on the cabinets, a stunning stove backs splash and two tiled built in spice shelves make this small kitchen design one that draws you in and makes you want to linger.

Making the Space Perfect for it’s Intended Use

The placement of the kitchen elements is not just beautiful. It is designed with ease of use in mind.

The stove top has drawers underneath to hold the pans and other cooking tools. Favorite spices are immediately accessible. There is usable counter space on both sides of the stove with the refrigerator directly across. The water spigot above the stove allows two people to use the kitchen and have everything they need within reach and not be forced to dance around each other. A very large sink and inlaid stone cutting board are immediately next to the stove and microwave. Dishwasher is next to the sink, also.




Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen Designs

Guidelines for Creating a Beautiful Wheelchair Accessible Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of home. Every adult in the house needs to be able to use it fully. Most kitchen designs do not make it easy for people in wheelchairs to use them in comfort. Independence and access are very important. When designing a wheelchair accessible kitchen keep these things in mind:

Keep it Open

The easiest thing to do, which will have an immediate impact, is to lose the cabinets beneath the stove top and the sink. Leaving these two spaces entirely open allows for everyone in the house to cook and use the sink without frustration.

The next thing is to be sure that you rip out the kitchen island for most homes (they get in the way)!  If you are doing a total remodel, remember to insure there are several 5 foot diameter circles free for turning around in and to make your entry doors larger to accommodate a wheelchair.

Keep it Low

Countertops tend to be a bit high for the comfort of persons in wheelchairs. Lowering the counter top by at least two inches a good idea. Go lower if no one in the house hold is extremely tall!

Cabinets do not need to be high. If all low cabinets does not visually meet your requirements, then there are some very amazing ideas with lift systems, electronic and not, that lower shelves. There are several companies that make them or I&E Cabinets can custom make them for you.


Plan the Appliances

It's also a good idea to use a side by side fridge and put the microwave on the counter or lower. Ovens height needs special planning, too since it cannot be under the stove. With the fridge, microwave, and oven, a pull out flat work surface near is ideal.

Similarly think about dishwasher height and where you are keeping those dishes! A drawer with a plate organizer can be very easily built next to the raised dishwasher.

Think about the details

Details often are the things we remember, it's the little things that day after day can either make us grind our teeth or smile as we lay down to sleep.

One of the key details is having a water tap on the wall behind the cooktop, making it easy to fill a pot full of water.

A kitchen that is open and low will still be frustrating if the cabinet space isn't usable. All cabinets need drawers, and pull out organizer bins. Ever consider an angled mirror above the stove to see inside pots easily? It's a great idea.

Remember when designing your wheelchair accessible kitchen to keep all the controls (like the stove's!), outlets and light switches close and in reach. Use the large flat panels for your light switches instead of the small toggles. Use lever handles instead of twisting knobs, too on the doors and cabinets.

Do Not Settle

One of the great joys is having a beautiful, stylish home. Planning for wheel chair access in no way makes this impossible! Function in no way precludes fashion. Together with I&E we can build you what you need in a way that you love. Let's work together!

Stove Backsplash Ideas

Special Consideration for Stove Backsplash

The backsplash area behind the kitchen stovetop needs special design consideration. This area must handle grease and heat, be easy to clean and it also must tie together the design of the kitchen as a whole. Simple high gloss paint cannot do all of these things as well as other materials. The area behind the stove top, most of the time, looks best when it is different than the backsplash under the counters.

When picking out a good material always consider your cabinet color, wall color, and the amount of light your kitchen gets. If the kitchen has dark cabinets, accent them rather then match them.

Good Stove Backsplash Ideas

Laser Cut Tile

Why are these good stove backsplash ideas? These materials do not have large pores, are very hard, are heat resistant, and are easy to clean.

  • Ceramic Tile is by far the most popular. It comes in any shape, size, pattern, and color. Here are some specific ideas:
    • Mosaic
    • Laser cut
    • Herringbone
    • Subway
    • Large pattern
  • Metal
    • Stainless Steel Sheet
    • Tin Tile
    • Copper
    • Metal stamped with a design
  • Glass Tile
    • Mirror Tile
    • Stained Glass
    • Textured Glass
  • Specific kinds of Natural Stone, Honed, Polished, and Sealed.

Materials to Avoid

  • Wallpaper is not a good stove backsplash idea.
  • Flat paint is also not easy to clean.
  • Rough stone, like brick, that will collect grease in tiny crevices and pockets is better to avoid if desiring easy to clean, less maintenance stove backsplash.
  • Soft stone, like sandstone, that cannot withstand harsh chemicals and hard scrubbing.
  • Some limestone types are too soft and have too many pores to be good long term solutions.
  • Tumbled marble can also be an issue.  Some find it fine, as they always clean off any acidic foods right away, but there is a risk of staining, especially if the sealer gets thin.