Is it Worth it to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

remodeled kitchen

If you're trying to keep your kitchen remodel budget under control, but you're tired of your current cabinets, you can consider cabinet refacing. Saving your cabinets from complete replacement can help you reduce costs and save time.

With kitchen refacing, you retain your cabinet boxes but remove doors, panels, hinges, and other elements. In doing so, you can replace the exterior components in the cabinet and transform your kitchen.

So, is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets? Let’s find out!

Advantages Associated with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

There are many advantages associated with saving your cabinets from destruction. Let's explore some of them below.

1. Save Money

Start with cabinet refacing if you're searching for ways to save money on your kitchen remodeling. Cabinet refacing can help you unlock the benefits of new cabinets without the cost. By keeping the original cabinet boxes in place, you can reduce your overall material and labor costs.

2. Keep Original Framework

You can keep your current layout and framework, which means you can update your aesthetic design without changing your kitchen’s floorplan.

3. Speed Up Your Project

If you want to save time on your next home renovation project, it's clear that refacing your cabinets is an excellent option. Refacing kitchen cabinets can be a much quicker process than entirely changing your existing cabinets. This is one of the many reasons cabinet refacing can save you money on your next kitchen remodeling project.

4. Waste Less

If you want to reduce your waste when you’re remodeling your kitchen, then there’s no need to purchase brand-new cabinets if you enjoy your current layout. By retaining your core cabinet boxes, you can drastically lower your waste and help protect the environment.

5. Benefit from Aesthetic Improvements

By changing your kitchen cabinet door and drawer, you take advantage of all the aesthetic benefits of brand-new cabinets. It can completely transform your interior design – and you won't need to risk damaging other parts of your kitchen by ripping your full cabinets out.

Is it Worth it to Reface Kitchen Cabinets? The Drawbacks of Refacing Your Cabinets

If you’re considering saving your cabinets, you might be wondering: Are there any downsides to this home improvement project? Is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets?

While the benefits of saving your cabinets are clear, there are a few negatives to consider. The primary disadvantage of keeping your current cabinet framework is limiting your ability to transform your kitchen space's layout. If you want a brand-new kitchen, cabinet refacing might not be for you.

Also, if you want to take advantage of new cabinet sizes, this won’t be possible. You will be stuck with the original cabinet spaces installed in your kitchen.

Lastly, if your existing cabinet boxes are decaying or unsteady, using cabinet refacing won’t improve the structural integrity of your cabinets.

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How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Los Angeles?

When considering a kitchen remodeling project, many people want to know the upfront costs and timeline. Kitchen remodeling costs in major metro areas like Los Angeles can vary depending on the size of the kitchen, the materials you choose, and the extent of your renovation.

This post will provide you with an average cost to renovate a kitchen in your area and plan your budget.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Based on your kitchen renovation needs, taste, and requirements, a wide range of services can go into your new kitchen. For a small kitchen, you can expect to spend from $130 to $200 per square foot in Los Angeles.

The kitchen remodeling costs in the Los Angles and Van Nuys area can also vary based on the type of kitchen you want. For a simple kitchen, you can expect to spend between $8,000 and $15,000, while for a high-end kitchen, you can expect to spend more.

Here is what goes into kitchen renovation:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Tile backsplash
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Types of flooring
  • Kitchen demolition cost
  • Kitchen plumbing and electrical
  • Kitchen fixtures
  • Permits

Why Do Home Improvement Prices Increase?

Due to the pandemic, supply chain delay, and economic inflation, home improvement prices have significantly increased. Supply chain disruptions affected product backlogs, material prices, and kitchen remodeling timelines.

The COVID-19 pandemic is another common problem in this industry. While kitchen remodeling demand is growing, the supply-chain disruptions result in shortages. Supply constraints have inflated material costs and the overall costs to renovate a kitchen or bathroom.

According to NAHB or the National Association of Home Builders, shortages in materials and products have been more widespread than ever since the 90s.

How to Plan Your Remodeling Budget

Now that you know more about why renovation costs have increased, you still need to plan your remodeling budget. So, where to start?

When a contractor comes to your Los Angeles home to provide you with an estimate, they consider numerous factors that may affect the project’s cost. The cost to renovate a kitchen in Los Angeles will vary based on the items you want to replace.

Your Cabinets are a major consideration when setting your budget.


You can expect higher renovation costs if you:

  • Have a large kitchen
  • Want a shorter renovation timeline
  • Want to replace everything in the kitchen
  • Want to install custom kitchen cabinets vs cabinet refacing
  • Want to replace all appliances with energy-efficient ones
  • Use premium flooring solutions (wood or plank)
  • Use premium countertop materials (Corian or granite)
  • Need to replace the subfloor
  • Want to make structural modifications
  • Need a new vent or hood

You can expect lower renovation costs if you:

  • Have a small to medium-size kitchen
  • Want to update only a specific part of the kitchen
  • Have a flexible schedule
  • Re-use the same appliances
  • Use standard-grade materials (laminate countertops or vinyl flooring)

Schedule a Free Consultation

At I&C Cabinets, we offer a free remodeling consultation for those who want to make minor or major changes in their kitchen. We are the go-to company in Los Angeles for kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing, so rest assured you are in the hands of professionals.

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What is kitchen cabinet refacing?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a relatively new way to completely change the look of your kitchen for less than half of what you'd pay for a traditional "remodeling" job. There are two ways to improve your kitchen cabinets, and during a kitchen remodel you will need to choose whether to reface or replace your kitchen cabinets. The traditional and more labor intense way is to replace your kitchen cabinets with custom cabinets. The second and trending method is kitchen cabinet refacing.

What is Cabinet Refacing

The concept behind cabinet refacing is simple: Remove and replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts on existing kitchen cabinets and voila, an entirely brand-new kitchen is born without all of the demolition, dust, and expense. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a perfect option for Los Angeles homeowners who want to update their kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank or emptying their entire home's savings account.

Who Should you hire when refacing cabinets?

A professional kitchen cabinet refacing company will send a team to your home to measure your kitchen layout and inspect your existing cabinetry. A kitchen designer will then provide you with a quote for the job, which will include the cost of materials and labor. It's important to remember that not all cabinet refacing companies are created equal; some are better than others at matching the new doors and drawer fronts to the existing cabinets. Others can manufacture solid wood doors while others will simply go to a big box store and buy stock cabinet doors. So, be sure to do your research before hiring a kitchen remodeler.

What are the benefits of cabinet refacing?

There are a lot of advantages to refacing kitchen cabinets and they range from refacing costs and less time to renovate your kitchen to increase your home's resale value.

When you reface your cabinets, you're essentially giving your kitchen's layout an entirely new look without all of the hassle and expense associated with a a full-blown kitchen remodel.

The time it takes to reface cabinets and install new cabinet hardware is significantly less than the amount of time it would take to tear down your current cabinets and install new custom cabinets. In some cases, homeowners can have their entire kitchen refaced in as little as three days.

Cost of refaced cabinets

In terms of cost, cabinet refacing is a much more affordable kitchen remodeling option than replacing your kitchen cabinets. You can typically expect to pay 50-70% less for cabinet refacing than you would for new custom cabinets.

One of the biggest benefits of cabinet refacing is that it can increase your home's resale value. A recent study by found that remodeling a chef's kitchen including refacing cabinets with a natural wood veneer can return more than 100% of the investment made in most cases.

How much does cabinet refacing cost?

The cost of cabinet refacing will vary depending on the size and complexity of the refacing project. Typically if you can salvage the existing cabinet boxes and existing cabinet frames you can keep the costs down with just kitchen cabinet refinishing.

If you do need new cabinet boxes the cost of cabinet refacing can vary greatly depending on the size and make of your existing cabinets, as well as the type of doors and drawer fronts you choose for your new kitchen cabinets. Some companies also offer a discount if you purchase all of your new cabinet hardware such as door hinges saving money on a kitchen remodel.

Sometimes all your kitchen needs is just a facelift

A complicated remodel project is not always nessesary. simple cabinet refacing projects can update the look of your kitchen with a fraction of the cost and best of all you can avoid a complete remodeling project but refaced cabinets can still completely transform your refaced kitchen into something truly special with natural woods and glass panels.

Make Kitchen Remodeling Simple

If you want to keep the kitchen renovation project stress-free, contact the #1 Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeler – I&E Cabinets at (888) 487-1539 to schedule a kitchen design consultaton. We have the credentials, knowledge, and experience to turn your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary one.

Top 5 Things to Ask a Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeler Before You Hire Them

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Although home improvement projects are fun, they are also stressful and time-consuming, so it pays to have a reliable Los Angeles kitchen remodeler who can take the pressure off your shoulders.

With the right kitchen remodel company, you will have a positive experience improving the look and feel of your kitchen space. From choosing the best material for your countertops to selecting the perfect color for your cabinets, a kitchen remodeler can help you make the right decisions.

Questions to Ask When Talking to a Prospective Remodeler in Los Angeles, CA

Here are some of the questions you need to ask a contractor before hiring them and starting the kitchen project.

1. Do You Have Relevant Insurance or Credentials?

Although paperwork isn’t the most creative or exciting part of the kitchen renovation process, it can help you get a lot of essential information upfront. You will determine whether the contractor is licensed in California or if they have any organization memberships.

If, for example, the Los Angeles kitchen remodeler is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, it means they are reliable and have the skill set to complete your project with precision and care.

2. What Proof Can You Provide of Your Work?

A professional kitchen remodeling service provider should provide you with testimonials and references from previous clients.

Reliable and qualified remodelers have online portfolios and photos of their past projects. If you can’t find the portfolios on the website, they will be happy to send pictures and evidence of their quality of work and show you why they are the right choice for your project.

3. How Can I Reach You with Ideas, Questions, or Suggestions?

Having active communication with your Los Angeles kitchen remodeler is crucial for the project. Without communication, listening on both ends, or sharing ideas, how will your contractor know what you want?

Professional contractors will provide you with information about the best times to call and reach out to them via phone, email, or text message.

4. What is the Timeline for Payment and Project Completion?

It is essential to set a budget before you start remodeling your kitchen. When talking to a potential Los Angeles kitchen remodeler, discuss your budget, payment timelines, and additional charges or fees.

A professional remodeler considers your budget and will give you an honest estimate based on your ideas and plans, including all costs and charges.

5. What Does Your Remodeling Process Look Like?

The more information the remodeler can give you on the remodeling process, the better. What preparations do you need to make before they arrive at your Los Angeles home? How much noise can you expect? What does the clean-up process look like?

Having all the answers will help you prepare for the upcoming renovations and handle the process with ease.

Make Kitchen Remodeling Simple

If you want to keep the kitchen renovation project stress-free, contact the #1 Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeler – I&E Cabinets at (888) 487-1539 to schedule an appointment. We have the credentials, knowledge, and experience to turn your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary one.

Why Use Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers As Remodelers?

Ordering new custom cabinets direct from Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers brings myriad benefits for both the installation team and the homeowner. I & E Cabinets certainly find it the best approach to ensure that any professional kitchen remodels run according to plan and finish within the estimated timeline. Delays on any building plans are frustrating, but even more so when the completion of an exciting kitchen remodeling project depends on it.

What is the solution? Use contractors like I & E Cabinets who build the kitchen cabinets direct as the manufacturer. You can avoid delays in the process and enjoy premium custom finishes for less.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers' Law of Supply and Demand

Collecting kitchen cabinets direct from Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers saves time and minimizes stress because even small delays in a remodel can derail the progress of the steps that follow. No matter how well planned your kitchen remodel is, a simple mishap in the supply chain could lead to major frustrations. When you use contractors who buy kitchen cabinets directly from the local source, you are far less likely to run into these supply chain delay situations.

Third-party kitchen cabinets typically have a sweeping supply system with a lot of moving parts. Issues with raw materials, shipping, and many other factors can all affect the progress of your new kitchen. If you want to avoid that risk, rather work with companies like I & E Cabinets.

The Advantages of a Kitchen Remodeler That Manufacturers Cabinets

Working with a Los Angeles kitchen remodeler does not need to be stressful or tedious—choose a contractor like us who orders kitchen cabinets direct from manufacturers. You can enjoy peace of mind about the process and watch the magical transformation unfold according to the agreed timeline. Other valuable benefits of working with a local cabinet builder to buy kitchen cabinets include:

Custom Kitchen Designs

Working directly with a local kitchen cabinet manufacturers also creates design possibilities for your new kitchen cabinets that are not possible with other purchasing situations. If you need custom-fitted cabinetry, you may be hard-pressed to find it at an affordable price from mainstream suppliers. However, a local builder offers the flexibility you need for a flawless finish that is fully customizable to your tastes.

Custom and Stock Cabinet Styles

Customizing cabinet styles is also risky with a far-off kitchen cabinet manufacturer, and a lot can go wrong. When you order custom cabinets, the cabinet company that relies on other parties for proper measurements and design elements cannot be of much assistance when these details do not meet your expectations. Using kitchen cabinets direct from the manufacturer means discussing options with the same people who will build the doors and drawers, develop the colors, craft the hardware, and more; a far more personalized experience.


When you work directly with , cutting out the kitchen cabinet manufacturers middleman brings savings. Working with contractors like I & E Cabinets means access to wholesale pricing and the invaluable expertise of a local cabinet builder.

Third-party purchasing options have at least one other entity between you and your cabinets. Rather, call I & E today and get kitchen cabinets direct from manufacturers to maximize savings.

Why Work With a Local Cabinet Builder in California?

When you work on a home improvement project, whether for your home office, kitchen, or bathroom, you will need to choose cabinets. It can seem like a good idea to order cabinets through a nationwide company due to their lower prices and well-known brands. However for Los Angeles residents, local cabinet builders often make the better choice.

Why You Should Work With Local Cabinet Builders

When you work with local cabinet builders, you not only support your local economy but you work with members of your community.

You will also find other benefits to working with local cabinet builders that set them apart from their corporate competition. Smaller local companies have fewer administrative procedures to deal with and have more opportunities to manage projects and their problems directly. Because of this, working with local custom cabinet builders offers the following benefits:

More Opportunity for Customization

When you order cabinets from a large manufacturer, you only have so many options to choose from, and they usually cannot customize your order. However, installing custom cabinetry stands out as one of the best ways to make a home office, kitchen, and bathroom feel personalized.

When you work with local cabinet builders, like I&E Cabinets in Van Nuys, you can customize all your cabinets to be functional for you. Since cabinet builders start each project from scratch, they offer endless opportunities for what you can include in your next project. From cabinet styles to unique shapes and shelves, cabinet builders can do it all.

Faster Turnaround Time

In addition to offering more customization, local cabinet builders can usually ensure faster turnaround times than their competition. Large manufacturers need time to process orders, get through administrative work, and then ship the cabinets to the customer.

When you work with cabinet builders directly, you simply place an order, and then they make your cabinets. Without a middleman, your order is generally completed faster.

Quickly Address Errors

Finally, when you work with cabinet builders, they can quickly address any errors. If you choose to buy cabinets from a major manufacturer, it can take weeks to order and ship a replacement part. When you order from a local cabinet builder, they can come directly to you to fix or replace anything related to your custom cabinetry.

What Skills Does a Cabinet Maker Need?

Cabinet builders are skilled professionals. To become a cabinet maker, you need to enjoy working with your hands to build things. You will need some mathematics skills to calculate the dimensions and angles of the custom cabinetry that you build and install. The most important quality in a cabinet maker includes possessing great attention to detail and working with accuracy.

If you have these skills and want to pursue a career as a cabinet builder, then you will most likely need to complete an apprenticeship.

Order Custom Cabinets Today

If you need custom cabinets for your next project, consider working with local cabinet builders. IE Cabinets is a local Southern California based company that specializes in custom cabinetry. Call us today at (888) 962-3962 to get started. We can custom-build office, bathroom, or kitchen cabinets.

You can also give us a call to discuss employment opportunities if you think you want to become a cabinet builder.

Do New Cabinets Increase Home Value in Los Angeles?

There are many things to consider when you are looking to sell your home. One of the most frequent questions homeowners ask themselves is, "Do new cabinets really increase home value?" Although installing new cabinets can increase your home's value, it isn't always necessary. Sometimes simply refacing your cabinets can have the same impact as a complete cabinet replacement. Here are a few things homeowners should consider before starting their kitchen renovations.

Replacing vs. Refacing: Which One Is Right for You?

The age of your kitchen often determines your cabinets' future. If you have an older home with an outdated layout, you might want to consider remodeling your kitchen to appeal to recent homebuyers. However, if your kitchen is relatively new, refacing your cabinets might be the best option. Refacing is often the cheaper alternative to kitchen replacement and can significantly increase your home's value.

Instead of remodeling your entire kitchen, installers peel away your cabinets' outer panels/coverings and replace them with a new design. Refacing can drastically change your kitchen's appearance at a fraction of the cost of a complete remodel. However, it's not the be-all-end-all solution to kitchen renovation.

If your kitchen consists of run-down cabinets and broken drawers, replacement might be necessary.  Although refacing your cabinets can rejuvenate a kitchen's visual appeal, it doesn't fix the physical elements preventing it from reaching its full potential. Updating your kitchen with new cabinets is a surefire way to increase your home's value as well as its visual appeal. Just make sure you stay within your budget so that you can get the most out of your investment.

ROI on a Kitchen Remodel

Although remodeling your kitchen before putting it on the market can seem like a daunting task, it is sometimes worth the investment and effort. Reports show that homeowners typically make 60% to 80% of their kitchen remodel costs when they sell their homes. However, it depends on your home's condition and its price point. Remodeling isn't necessary if your home and kitchen are already in prime condition. It's essential to evaluate the condition of your home, the price of remodeling, and the ROI before committing to a full kitchen remodel.

You don't always have to completely remodel your kitchen to make it more appealing to potential homeowners. Sometimes you just need to make a few kitchen renovations to get the most ROI possible. Replacing your cabinets and light fixtures is a cheap and effective way to upgrade your kitchen without shelling out unnecessary cash. Upgrading your cabinets and light fixtures are the foremost kitchen renovation projects with the best ROI. You'll be amazed how much a few simple kitchen renovations will do to your home's value.

Professional Cabinet Refacing and Kitchen Remodeling in the LA Area

If you want to get the most out of your home without dealing with the strenuous remodeling process yourself, you need I&E Cabinets. Their team of home improvement experts can help you with any renovation project you desire. Contact I&E Cabinets and take your kitchen to extraordinary new heights today!

Is It Better to Replace or Reface Cabinets In Your Kitchen?

If you’re trying to decide whether to replace or reface cabinets in your kitchen, office, or bathroom, it’s essential to understand your options and their financial consequences. Replacing and refacing cabinets costs thousands of dollars, and it can be hard to make changes if you change your mind partway.

At IE Cabinets, we receive hundreds of inquiries and virtual consultation requests from people looking for cost-effective options that can improve the look of their kitchen without sacrificing material longevity and build quality.

How Designers Conduct Cabinet Refacing

Many first-time homeowners won’t know about cabinet refacing unless they read it on the internet or a friend with homebuilding or architectural experience mentions it. If you ask for a cabinet refacing, laborers will peel off your cabinet’s outer panels and coverings to change your kitchen’s aesthetic. Most people request it to change the look and feel of their kitchen, not because their cabinets are no longer functional.

Cabinet refacing is popular among people moving into a preloved home and homeowners suffering from cracked or scratched cabinets and countertops. It involves a considerable amount of planning and takes a day or two to finish. The designers will:

  • Detach your drawers, cabinet doors, and fronts
  • Cover their people-facing sides with the material of your choice
  • Install new hinges if they find rust on the old ones
  • Put in new pulls and handles (unless you request they use the existing ones)
  • Put in new crown moldings, glass panels, and lighting features (at your request)

What Is Cabinet Replacement?

Cabinet refacing is similar to putting a new coat of paint on your cabinets but with a more premium and durable finish. Cabinet replacement entails removing all your cabinet doors, fronts, drawers, and drawer boxes and replacing them with new ones. Cabinet replacement can cost two or three times as much as cabinet refacing, and people don’t usually do it unless their cabinets suffer irreparable damage.

Cabinet replacement costs can exceed $15,000. The price tag depends on the type of material you want to use and the size of your kitchen.

Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacing in a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets endure the most use and abuse out of all the storage compartments in your home. You expose them to steam, oil splashes, and spills. They can also harbor mildew or pests like mice and bugs, especially if you don’t clean them regularly.

However, damages to kitchen cabinets are mostly surface-level, which refacing can erase. Refacing is 30% to 50% cheaper than whole cabinet replacements in a kitchen remodel. You can reface cabinets with laminate, high-quality veneer, or all-wood veneers.

Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacing in a Bath Remodel

There are no significant differences between the cost of a kitchen cabinet reface and a bathroom cabinet reface, and the same goes for replacement. Bathroom cabinets are generally cleaner because they hold non-food items, such as toothbrushes, towels, and tissue rolls. Cabinet refacing might be more cost-effective for your bathroom cabinets than a replacement.

Call the Experts for Professional Advice

If you want to ask more questions as you decide whether to reface cabinets or replace them, reach out to the experts and gain some professional insight. Call IE Cabinets today at (888) 962-3962 and request a complementary kitchen remodeling consultation.

Request a Consultation For More Information About Refacing or Replacing Cabinets

Is It Worth It to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

Spring is in the air and it’s time to freshen up our home’s interior. Unfortunately, most home renovation projects can be quite expensive. If you are looking to freshen up your kitchen without breaking the bank you should look into the benefits of cabinet refacing. 

Contemporary upscale home kitchen interior with cherry wood cabinets, quartz countertops, linoleum floors & stainless steel appliances including refrigerator & gas stove

Cabinet refacing is an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a fresh look. Keep reading to learn the benefits of cabinet resurfacing. 

What Is Cabinet Refacing? 

Cabinet refacing is just as it sounds. It is the process of replacing your cabinet panels to give your kitchen a fresh new look. If your cabinets are scratched, cracked, old, or if you just want a new look cabinet refacing can help. 

To reface your cabinets you will need to remove the drawer fronts and all cabinet doors. Then you will apply a new veneer on the cabinets. Remove the cabinet hardware including the handles, hinges, and any drawer pulls. These too will also be replaced to match your new look. 

Cabinet refacing can usually be completed in a day or two. It usually involves the following steps:

  • Removing the doors and drawers
  • Covering the cabinets
  • Installing new hardware or glass panes
  • Putting the cabinets back together

Refacing Your Cabinets

Kitchen remodels can be costly, but resurfacing your cabinets is a great way to revamp your kitchen on a budget. The cabinets take up so much space in your kitchen. Replacing them altogether can cost thousands of dollars.

Is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets? Yes, refacing your kitchen cabinets and replacing the hardware makes a huge difference in the overall look in your kitchen.

With cabinet refacing you can cover your existing cabinets with a plastic veneer or matching wood. There are many different styles and colors to choose from. 

Resurfacing takes only a few days to completely change your kitchen and there isn’t all the mess that comes along with a full renovation. You can still live in your house and go about your daily life while the resurfacing takes place. 

You can even reconfigure your cabinet boxes while the resurfacing is taking place to accommodate deeper drawers or wider cabinets. Make room for a garbage can inside a drawer or install specialized soft close door hardware. All of these things will upgrade your kitchen and make it feel like a brand new kitchen. 

If you ever decide to sell your home cabinet resurfacing and touches like these will make your home more appealing to buyers. This could help you get a higher price for your home. The cost of cabinet resurfacing is minimal compared to the investment that you are putting back into the equity of your home.

Cabinet Refacing Cost

Most homeowners spend anywhere between $5,871 and $12,980  dollars on cabinet refacing. Here are some of the things that could affect the price of your refacing project. 

The materials you use can affect the cost. A nice wood veneer such as oak, cherry, or walnut will cost you between $2,500 to $6,000. These wood veneers are quite durable, hence the cost. Plastic veneers cost much less with average prices between $1,000 to $3,000. 

If you want to reface your cabinets with solid wood options you will be spending somewhere around $5,000 and up. Many homeowners prefer solid wood options because they are easier to refinish and repair. 

The hardware you choose will also affect the overall price of your project. Hardware varies from $5 to $15. Choose hardware that will match your new kitchen style. There are lots of budget-friendly options that will decrease the overall cost of your project, too. 

Cabinet Refacing vs Painting

Refacing your cabinets is a relatively straightforward process as we explained above. Painting your cabinets will give them a nice fresh coat of paint, however, you won’t be able to switch styles or give your cabinets an entirely new look. 

Some people get cabinet refacing confused with refinishing or resurfacing. It’s easy to see why because they all have a “re” at the beginning of the word. To resurface or refinish a cabinet you would need to remove all the drawers and doors and sand down the wood. Then you could go about creating a new design. 

The problem with resurfacing is many people do not have solid wood cabinets that can be resurfaced. Sometimes the wood can not be refinished because it is in poor condition. 

Also, all that sanding creates quite a mess and it can be difficult living in your home when a massive project like that is going on. Keep in mind how your project will affect your daily life as you make a decision. 

It is recommended that you reface cabinets if you want a new design for your kitchen cabinets without paying the high price of having new cabinets installed. However, if you are not interested in a new look and just want to freshen up your existing cabinets, painting or refinishing may be viable options for you. 

So Many Options to Choose From

When you choose cabinet refacing you will have so many different designs and styles to choose from. There are options for hardware, style, color, and materials that you can use. You can even add custom trim to give your kitchen cabinets a very upscale look.

Choose between real woods like maple, cherry, or mahogany, or a simple modern white sleek door. Whether you want to completely redesign your cabinets or just freshen them up there are many options for you to choose between with cabinet refacing. 

Complete the new look with simple upgrades like new barstools, chairs, or kitchen accessories. You’ll be able to find what works best for your new kitchen because there are many economical options. 

Cabinet Refacing Is a Great Option

If you are ready to freshen up your kitchen and make a change cabinet refacing is perfect for you. Refacing your cabinets is practical and less expensive than replacing or refinishing all of your kitchen cabinets. 

Whether you are looking to save time, money, or energy you can count on I&E Cabinets to provide you with quality work, done on time and at a great price. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you create your dream kitchen!

Is Melamine the right choice for your new Kitchen or Bath Cabinetry?

Melamine is a popular plastic material used in modern home cabinetry. It is very durable and has a wide variety of hue and pattern possibilities. Melamine fused with plywood is also the most sustainable option for cabinetry. Designers utilize its consistent coloring ability to provide modern minimalist design at an affordable cost.

Solid wood expands and contracts - which is not ideal for cabinetry. Not to mention "Save the Trees."

Engineered products using Melamine are less expensive and as reliable as wood. HPL or TFL is Melamine fused with MDF or Particle Board, which are made from wood chips.

BOTH Melamine Laminate types are stain, heat, moisture and abrasion-resistant. There are clear distinctions between the two:

Several examples of Melamine with a wood grain pattern on a variety of wood colors.

HPL - High-Pressure Laminate - one well-known HPL brand is Formica


    1. Most sturdy laminate.
    2. Includes layers of kraft paper - which results in a more flexible product
    3. The more flexible HPL can be applied to more types of substrate (board) - Can be bent for curved surface
    4. A wider variety of design: hue & pattern options
    5. More moisture resistant

TFM - Thermal Fused Melamine also called LPL


    1. Less expensive
    2. More commonly available
    3. More slender than HPL so it is much stronger against scratches and chips.
    4. As it is fused directly to the particleboard it is also peel resistant
    5. Plenty of design options
    6. TFM cannot be bent

Patterns and colors of every kind are being created with Melamine.

Melamine is used to laminate a design onto a substrate like plywood, particleboard or MDF. This sandwich is heated and fuses together. Because melamine hardens when heated, the surface of the decorative cabinet is scratch-resistant, colorfast and highly durable.

The melamine used in kitchen cabinetry is more specifically, Thermally-Fused Melamine, or TFM. This is a different Melamine than the one chemists talk about. While Melamine itself is poisonous, the Processed Melamine Resin used in woodworking is treated and safe to use in project construction.

The real strength of a Melamine cabinet is the design versatility. The variety of hues and designs is boundless, from the full spectrum of single colors to all manner of simulated finish, like faux-wood grain. There are no unexpected wood grain patterns.

Textured Melamine {or Thermo Structured Melamine) helps complete a rustic feel.

Scratch Resistant


Highly Durable

Kitchen remodel by I&E Cabinets with Melamine cabinets.

The Pros

  • durability
  • fire-retardant
  • variety of design
  • cost effective
  • uniform finish

Fire Retardant - Melamine releases nitrogen when burned which dampens fires.

Durability - Melamine is highly durable and costs less than the alternatives.

Heat Resistant - Melamine has a higher heat tolerance than raw wood

Moisture Resistant - avoids the shrink/expand cycle of wood

Abrasion Resistant - Melamine is harder to scuff and scrape

Stain Resistant - Melamine cleans up with ease. When cleaning, use a light-duty white scrubbing pad. No harsh cleansers.

Consistent finish - Designers achieve an affordable minimalist design with Melamine




The Cons

  • recycling - it's complicated
  • requires heavy-duty hinges and glides, is heavier than some alternatives.
  • susceptible to splintering during careless installation.
  • in the event of splintering, water damage is much greater than real wood cabinetry

Melamine is a type 7 plastic meaning it cannot be recycled in traditional methods.

It can be ground down and used with other plastics.

If you are looking for more design freedom with an affordable material, Melamine is your answer. 

It is easy to keep clean and it retains the color and finish because it is resistant to water, scuff marks and stains.

A uniform finish makes Melamine a great choice for a Modern Minimalist design.