What % of kitchen remodeling costs should be in cabinet design

No kitchen is complete without a set of reliable cabinets. However, many homeowners don’t know how much money to invest into their cabinets when remodeling their kitchen. Luckily, I&E Cabinets is here to help determine the proper kitchen remodeling costs for your home.

I&E Cabinets is one of the leading kitchen remodeling and cabinet refacing companies in the greater Los Angeles area. Its team helps Los Angeles residents budget their kitchen remodeling costs, allowing them to get the most out of their investment. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you budget your kitchen remodeling costs.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs: Budgeting Your Cabinets

Few things are more vital to a kitchen than the cabinets. They allow you to store your wares, help you keep things organized, increase your kitchen’s visual appeal, and much, much more. Since your cabinets play a crucial role in your kitchen, they should take up 20%-35% of your kitchen renovation budget.

What Determines the Price?

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Kitchen cabinets are often the most expensive part of a kitchen remodeling project. High-quality cabinet sets require a ton of time and effort to make, resulting in a higher construction cost. Below are just a few factors that determine cabinet prices.

  • The number of cabinets
  • Whether or not you want upper cabinets or shelving
  • The cabinet design
  • Custom sizes or shapes
  • Material costs

Although cabinet costs range depending on the size of the kitchen, it’s common for homeowners to spend up to $15,000 of their $30,000 kitchen remodeling costs on cabinets alone. This may seem pricey, but it’s better to spend money on reliable cabinets than save money on lackluster ones that require repairs later on.

Cabinet Designs

Cabinets come in various shapes and sizes. Smaller cabinets may rest beneath a kitchen island, while larger cabinets reside above the stove.

However, most cabinets fall into one of three categories:

  • Stock - The cheapest cabinet option. Stock cabinets come in a limited number of sizes and styles. Most come pre-made, giving you little to no say in the overall design.
  • Semi-custom - More expensive than stock but less costly than custom cabinets, these provide the homeowner with more design options. Still, the manufacturer has more say in the aesthetic.
  • Custom - The most expensive cabinet option. Custom cabinets give the homeowner nearly complete control over their design and size, allowing them to create the perfect cabinet set that meshes with their kitchen’s unique style.

Although custom cabinets demand a higher price tag, they are the preferred option since you have more say in the design, size, and placement. After all, having a kitchen that matches your taste is just as crucial as having sturdy, high-functioning cabinets.

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